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Punchers Paradise needs your help!
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18th Oct 2013

The title sais it: The club needs your help. With the new club extensions, especially the International Boxing Center and the Benefits, clubs are not sole prestige-harvesters anymore. In contrary:

The International Boxing Center can provide huge amounts of money to every single member, if the buildings are completed. Even the one we're aiming for at the moment, the Street Fight Alley, already provides 420$ per hour and level of the member. That's already 12600$ per hour for a level 30 member, or a full 378k per day. And that's just the cheapest building, with the smallest benefit. For a level 30 member, all buildings together provide 10'500 per hour, or 7.5 millions per day. That's crucial for each member's success in Boxing Duel.

Yet big clans have an edge over small clans: They have a lot of members and the buildings will be finished accordingly faster. If you sort the clan rankings by "International Boxing Center"m you'll find out that INFERNO already completed 50% of its Boxing Center. Followed by the killers with 35% and the Russian Bears with 12%. We completed 0.33%, and we definately won't be able to finish it in a couple of weeks, even if each member would invest its complete income in the Boxing Center.

So what can we do? Since we are a pretty small club, yet, with only a few active members, the first priority is recruitment. So please, if you know any Boxing Duel players, invite them to our club. If you have a friend who likes browser games, invite him to Boxing Duel and earn some credits, before you invite him to our club. If you fight strong players in the daily leage, ask them if they would like to join us. And if you have a few minutes to spare, send recruitement mails to a couple of random players. Make sure that they're still active players by checking if they won some money in the past 7 days. Create your own recruitement text or use the one bellow:


Did you ever consider to join a club? We would be very proud to have a strong boxer like you in our team!

While the building of the "International Boxing Center" is still in progress, you will benefit from a considerable additional income for each completed building.

Furthermore the club Benefits, like "HyperEnergy", provide you with boosts that give you a significant advantage over other players.

We look for active players that take part in tournaments and the club championship! And if your boxing power isn't depleted yet, you are our man.

You can find our forum at http://pupa.iclanwebsites ... .com

Please apply to our Club, and our manager, Paul Puncher, will accept your appliance as soon as possible.

Punchers Paradise

Investing some of your money into the club buildings is appreciated as well of course. There's no need to invest huge amounts, we all know that not everyone can afford the same amounts of money, somehow we all have to keep up with our weight class competitors at all. So instead of clearing your safe, rather invest a couple of times some small amounts that don't hurt your boxers wallet.

Your help is much appreciated!
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