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Boxing Duel Club guide
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Boxing Duel Club guide

This guide gives you an overview about the features and benefits of your club membership. It is meant for people who have never been in a club before, and those who still aren't but want to know more about it.

Features and benefits in short

  • A club's "International Boxing Center" can significantly raise your hourly income, depending on how far it is developed. Members need to contribute money to individual buildings in order to develop them.
  • The same amount of Prestige Points a member earns in a tournament goes to the clubs Prestige. Prestige Points affect the Clubs rank and allow the Manager to buy Benefits for the members.
  • The Benefits grant temporary advantages to the member's properties or income. (Members decide themselves when to activate the Benefit.
  • Members can take part in the Club Championship. A new Championship with a different selection of competing clubs starts every week. The higher a Clubs rank in the Championship, the higher the Prestige Points reward. E.g. 10'000 for Rank 1, or 3'000 for Rank 4.
  • Members can use mass mail to communicate with all other members. (Or, in our case, also a forum.)

The club menu

The club overview

Here you'll find general information about the club: Such as member count, vacancies, forum link but also things like the Club-Rank, prestige points and championship titles. As well as information about the latest club activity (new members, members tournament results) and a complete list of all our members, including some of their achievements. Members don't get a message when the manager buys Benefits, so make sure to check your Benefits-Storage (
at the top of the screen) every now and then.

Club rankings

That's where you find all the clubs, ranked by Prestige Points. You can select different ranking criterias, e.g. ranking by Prestige Points per Member, Championship titles. (For an overview of the Punchers Paradise's ranks you can also check this topic.)

Club championship

At this place you can take part in the weekly Club championship. It shows the current Championship-rank of the participating clubs. Every week we compete against another selection of clubs. Every day you can fight a selection of the other club's members who have the same level or one bellow or above of yours. The amount varies, depending on how many share your level-range. If you have the BD Association fighter license the level range is even +-3. The club that won the most fights will be ranked first and will be rewarded with 10'000 Prestige Points at the end of the week.

International Boxing Center

Each Club has its own International Boxing Center. The International Boxing Center is a collection of buildings which each adds to the hourly income of each member, once it's finished. To finish a building the members have to add money to the building. The buildings are quite expensive, the cheapest one costs 900 millions, the most expensive one 4'350 millions. They do however add a lot to each members income, also depending on the member's level. As an example: The Boxing Coliseum adds 2'230 * LEVEL to each member's hourly income. Or: Over 2 millions to a level 40 member's daily income.
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